Well, we’ve been told those changes to Wiki we talked about were actually made by one of the authors mentioned – who has now taken down the reference to the other author mentioned (at his request we understand), and modified the entry in other small ways. We have to say we originally thought it had been done by some random troll – because the wording and the sentiments just didn’t seem like something that would have come from the author herself. If we’d known, despite all outward appearance, it had been written by the author named we would have approached it in a less satirical way, and we’re sorry for that.

But we have to admit we are if anything even more baffled by the whole business! What purpose is there in creating imaginary divisions between us? In quibbling between ‘myth’ and ‘comprehensive misrepresentation’? If we agree then let’s celebrate it, not pretend we don’t.

Oh – we’ve closed the poll too, as it’s probably a little insensitive now we know the true provenance of the Wiki comments. Though, even though intended it as a little joke, it’s yielded some interesting results we might share later.


~ by Contrariwise on September 1, 2010.

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