Best Search term to hit us ever II

The last of these we picked out was  “Alice in Wonderland garden gnomes”,  which really just opens up a  vista in the mind’s eye  doesn’t it. ( They never told us if they found what they were looking for, but I know they have their gnomes nestled safe in the garden by the goldfish pond,  and they look over at them happily while having afternoon tea in the Conservatory. –  I want to be there. )

The latest ‘best search term’ is nothing like as  sweet, but every bit as image-rich. It’s just this –


Did they really think it had its own website?

Please tell me they were wrong!


~ by Contrariwise on June 26, 2010.

6 Responses to “Best Search term to hit us ever II”

  1. I think I prefer the gnomes….I have some Alice garden statuary!

    • I prefer the gnomes too. If you have some it means the searchers will find some too. That makes me happy for some reason.

      • I have three pieces of a set of four…Alice, the Hatter and the White Rabbit. I always meant to go back for the fourth (Queen of Hearts) but never did. I have a ‘painted’ rose tree too, the blooms have red and white splashed on them just as tho they had been painted.

  2. You’re not the one who did the search are you Deb?

  3. Has the meanie gone home? Is it ok to come out and play again? Won’t linger, but wanted to say your author pic is divine in a Marla Singerish kind of way. x0x

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