The Pope to Alice

No, not a new and surprising letter unearthed in the archives, just another glorious chapter in the history of Google Translator.

In the Shadow of the Dreamchild is being published in Italy, and someone sent Contrariwise an article about it that had appeared in “Lankelot“. The article, originally in Italian, had  been done over by GT,  which had, in  its own  fine style,  turned it into this…

A year ago, studying “Fool For Girls” (Stampa Alternativa, 2001), I started looking for news about Lewis Carroll, the Anglo-Saxon site. The Carroll Myth. I discovered something incredible: in half the world, but not in Italy, had come out a biography that had swept all the previous studies on the Pope to “Alice”, causing the destruction of the old “Carroll Myth”. It was this “In the Shadow of the Dreamchild. The Myth and Reality of Lewis Carroll “(Peter Owen Books, 1999, 2008, revised and enlarged). Castelvecchi I worked for, then as a scout. I have studied, cataloged and immediately reported the book. Now here it is. I no longer work for them, and not since yesterday, but I am excited as if I was one of them. Because this is a fundamental book, beyond the happy coincidence of the film, Burton, and demanded an Italian translation…Read full article .

Thanks, Google, now we understand.

Here is the original Italian before Google had its way with it.

~ by Contrariwise on March 8, 2010.

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